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<p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>INICIAL - PRIMARIA - SECUNDARIA </strong><u>(BILINGÜE)</u><em><br><br>Students of this generation are entering a world fundamentally different than that of their parents. A world that is more globally connected, where ideas, cultures and even people flow easily beyond borders. An increasingly diverse world in which creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and the ability to navigate among cultures are highly valued. <strong>UAS’</strong>s unique, engaging and <strong>multicultural education</strong> prepares students for success. We <strong>empower students</strong> with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue their dreams . . . wherever in the world that may lead them.</em><br><br><strong>CHILDHOOD</strong><br>Children develop best when they have secure relationships with r<u>esponsive adults and positive</u> relationships with peers. &nbsp;For this reason, each <strong>Early Childhood</strong> classroom has a highly-qualified, Early Childhood specialist teacher and also a fully-certified teacher’s aide. Children´s experiences shape their <u>motivation</u> and approaches to learning. When teachers design learning experiences, they take into consideration students’ age and developmental stage, individual needs, and characteristics, as well as what is culturally important for each child. Perhaps the most natural tendency of children is to play. At <strong>UAS</strong> we harness children’s love of play to learning. The Early Childhood utilizes the <u>Pyramid Project Program</u>, which embeds instruction and planned play activities into students’ daily school routines.<br><br><strong>ELEMENTARY</strong><br>The <u>UAS Elementary School</u> curriculum builds on the foundation of the <strong>Early Childhood</strong> program. &nbsp;Students explore themes through inquiry-based units that spark their curiosity and encourage them to make connections between the academic content and their own world. Optimum class sizes ensure that our teachers know students as learners and as individuals. &nbsp;They forge supportive relationships with their students, encouraging them to reach their potential and to become <u>independent, confident learners</u>. Elementary School instruction uses a <u>workshop methodology</u> with a dynamic mix of large group and small group instruction, independent work and individual conferencing. &nbsp;Students learn to <u>think of themselves</u> as professional readers and writers, to develop their own critical opinions, and to communicate them fluently and articulately.At UAS we believe learning is enhanced by purposeful social interactions that deepen understanding, develop communication skills, and increase motivation.<br><br><strong>SECONDARY</strong><br>The Secondary School is comprised of <u>Grades 6 through 12</u>. &nbsp;During the course of their six years in this division, students build on the fundamental skills learned in Elementary School. &nbsp;Greater emphasis is placed on students’ ability to analyze, synthesize and critique the ideas of others and to develop and clearly communicate their own. &nbsp;As students progress through Secondary School, they <u>develop more independence and self-initiative</u>. At UAS we believe students have compelling ideas worth sharing and debating. &nbsp;In the classroom, teachers provide ample opportunities for students to develop their unique voices and to engage with<u> “real world” </u><u>global, cultural, social and ethical issues</u>. &nbsp;&nbsp;Outside the classroom, UAS offers an array of programs, clubs and athletic teams that allow students to strengthen their leadership, creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills. Ultimately, our goal is that each student leaves <strong>UAS</strong> as a globally <u>aware, creative, emotionally intelligent, collaborative critical thinker</u> equipped with the academic and technology skills to successfully pursue their goals.</p>


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Doble horario (7:45-15:45)


Saldún de Rodríguez 2375, Montevideo


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Diciembre 15, 2019
"El mejor lugar para estudiar inglés, cómodas instalaciones, me encanta la metodología ¡Totalmente recomendado!"
Agosto 14, 2018
"La mejor calidad académica del país, super recomendado."